3D Artist Issue 50

Magazine Digital Edition

3D Artist is an invaluable guide to the world of 3D, whether you are a budding artist or experienced professional. Each issue goes behind the scenes on the latest movies, talks to the most talented 3D artists and features the hottest new technologies. But that's just the start because 3D Artist is committed to showcasing the finest work being produced by the 3D community, with the Gallery that showcases amazing images to the tutorials and Q&A where inspiring artists share their workflow and skills.

The celebratory issue includes 50 expert tips for better characters from top artists in the field, plus an exclusive tutorial by id Software’s Matthew Burke exploring the art of mech design. The free CD adds to the excitement, bringing together 50 high-quality 3D models, 50 textures and exclusive Vue 10 Frontier software for hard-copy readers.

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