Outdoor Photography Book Vol. 2 Revised Edition

Bookazine Digital Edition

In this bookazine we take you through all the essential skills for outdoor shots, from mastering metering to low-light photography. Our techniques section tells you everything you need to know about each outdoor style, exploring street shooting, extreme landscapes, wildlife and much more, even giving you tips on the ultimate locations and shooting in the winter months. On top of this we have a location section packed full of the very best destinations for photography, including local knowledge, shooting tips and where to go for the best photogenic locales. Finishing up with the ultimate guides to cameras, lenses and accessories, primed to make your outdoor shots the best they can be, The Outdoor Photography Book is all you need to start taking perfect photos of the great outdoors. It’s time to get outside…

Outdoor Photography Book Vol. 2 Revised Edition is available to download from the following stores:

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