games™ Issue 128

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games™ is the magazine that every true gamer should be reading. Quality text, superior design and unbiased, honest opinion have aided this publication in becoming one of the most respected in the games industry. – and it’s gained multiple awards to prove it. At 180 pages, games™ is also the biggest videogame magazine in the UK and each issue is packed full of the latest previews, honest reviews, topical features and extensive interviews with industry legends and indie developers alike. There’s even a 22-page section dedicated retro gaming every month where some of the finest videogames of all time are investigated and remembered.

An exclusive look at Metro: Last Light leads games™’s shooter special this issue as we also speak to the creators of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, investigate the future of the deathmatch genre, review Half-Life remake Black Mesa and talk to the great innovator of the 2D shooter, Treasure.

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