Linux User & Developer Issue 120

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Linux User & Developer is the only Linux magazine that caters for IT professionals, business users and advanced enthusiasts. Whether you're a system administrator, software developer or a self-confessed Linux geek, the magazine features the latest cutting-edge techniques you need, explained by our crack team of open source experts that work at the heart of the open source movement. Now in its tenth year, Linux User & Developer has built up its long-held reputation as the ultimate choice for the GNU generation by delivering the most in-depth tutorials, features and commentary on the biggest topics in modern computing. With Linux User & Developer the future of open source computing is in your hands.

Get Android on your Raspberry Pi in the latest edition of Linux User & Developer. Learn what you can do with your newly Android powered Pi, along with tutorials on boot-scripts and GNOME extensions, as well as features on GNU HURD and PyCon UK.

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