Pocket World Issue 138

Magazine Digital Edition

Pocket World is an exciting magazine packed with all the all-action monster brands that kids aged 6-14 love the most. Pocket World covers Pokémon bigger and better than any other magazine, but also introduces readers to big names like Moshi Monsters and Bakugan along with favourites Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, ThunderCats and Power Rangers. Each issue is a lively mix of news, features, reviews, posters and lots of reader interaction. Videogames, cartoons, trading cards, books and toys are all featured.

Pikachu’s face is shining out from the cover this issue as we bring you news on Mystery Dungeon coming to the 3DS and a Pokédex app for Apple devices. We’ve got Skylanders Battlegrounds and Lost Islands showcased and lots of Poké Tips for Black 2, White 2, Dream Radar and Typing Adventure! Plus free 4-in-1 monster game, Pokémon book and shockers bar!

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